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Spring is Here

Days are getting longer, temperatures are warming up… and your bike has been hanging out for a few months collecting dust. Now’s the ideal time to bring it in for your annual bike service or to pick up the supplies you need to refresh your ride at home. Give us a call or e-mail us us to book your tune-up today!

Buying local vs. buying online

Some customers think our biggest competitor is the big box retailers like Walmart/Target/Amazon. But in reality, we're competing against our own manufacturers!

Some manufacturers allow you to buy a bike direct from their site (i.e. Click & Collect, Buy Online Pickup In-Shop), then get it shipped to a dealer for assembly & pickup. Sounds great, right?

But the truth is when you order directly through the manufacturer, you're not supporting our small business and you're missing out on the perks we offer our retail customers!

So if you or someone you know is looking to buy a bike online direct from the manufacturer, share this chart with them and direct them to a local dealer instead.